Monday, May 31, 2010

Rihanna loves her tattoos

Rihanna is known for her singing and infamous situation with Chris Brown, but also for her cute delicate tattoos, that she strategically gets the in unique locations.  I especially like the writing on her hip and the cute girl scull on her ankle.  Rihanna has 13 tattoos and counting.  (that we're aware of).

Rihanna's hip tattoo is a sanskrit prayer.

a little girl skull wearing a bow and musical notes on the other.

Love tattooed on her middle finger.

and SHHH on her index finger.

a star on her ear, and another behind her ear

Stars down her neck...which seem to have exploded.

arabic on her rib cage

a tribal tattoo on her right hand

a little weapon to protect herself

roman numerals signifying her female friends birthday

and on her chest written backwards says "Never a failure, always a lesson"